Ages 7+ Dance Classes

Individual classes for hip hop, acrobatics, ballet, tap, and jazz technique include barre exercises, traveling combinations, centerwork and turns. Advancement in age 7 & older classes is based on correct placement, skill mastery, and instructor recommendation – not by age – which means these classes may have a variety of ages.  Students spend an average of two years at each level before mastering the skills to advance.

How It Works –

Regular Season (Sept-June)

Classes run from Sept-June with an on-stage performance wrapping up the season, unless otherwise indicated.


Our tuition is a YEARLY FEE that we divide into 10 equal installments. A $40 registration fee and 10% non-refunable deposit is required upon registration.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex.

  • Yearly registration fee – $40 per student
  • 45 & 50 minute classes – $89/mo

Ages 7+ Recital Costume:

  • $110 (plus tax), Paid by auto-draft on Nov. 15

Spring & Summer Sessions

Classes run in a session, based upon the listed dates.


Tuition for the session and a $40 registration fee is payable in full upon registration.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex.


introduces the young dancer to beginning acrobatics tricks such as backbends, handstands, and limbers, etc. As the students build strength and flexibility, the difficulty of the skills increases.

Acrobatics is similar to the gymnastics floor routine with no apparatus. Students learn tricks, movements and progressions on mats, and when the dancer is proficient at a specific movement, they are encouraged to perform it without the mat. Conditioning and control of the muscles are obtained through a balanced exercise program and progressive training. Numerous benefits of acrobatics are limberness, strength, balance, speed, inner rhythm and timing, and increased self-confidence.


Farmington Valley Dance & Music offers traditional ballet classes for all ages and levels. Students who train in ballet will benefit from better posture, increased flexibility and strength, and better timing. Studying ballet works synergistically with other dance styles and will speed progress in other dance disciplines. Ballet will also increase performance levels in just about every sport. We recommend that all FVDM students study ballet.


Required Ballet Attire

Jazz Dance

consists of strong, sharp, placed movements executed to today’s music. Jazz develops agility and coordination while instilling a sense of rhythm and interpretation of the music. Theater style choreography and hip hop style moves makes this class a favorite.

Required Jazz Attire

Hip Hop

classes at FVDM incorporates modern and urban AGE APPROPRIATE movements performed to modern, upbeat, AGE APPROPRIATE music.

Required Hip Hop Attire

Lyrical/ Contemporary

classes at FVDM combine the technical elements of dance with feelings and emotions. Dancers tell a story with fluid and smooth movement.

Required Lyrical Attire

Tap Dance

classes at FVDM are designed to teach coordination and rhythm skills. As dancers progress, steps will get increasingly more intricate and complex rhythm patterns will be explored. Classes are offered to students age 7 through the advanced level. Tap dance for 4 -6 year olds is incorporated into our Jumping Beans and Shake It Up classes.

Required Tap Attire