Music Recital Information

Sunday, May 21 • 2 p.m. SHARP!

First Church of Christ Congregational
Amistad Hall: Porter Memorial
75 Main St. • Farmington, CT 06032

The music recital is optional. If your musician or vocalist would like to participate:

    1. FILL OUT THIS FORM. Be sure the spelling of the performer’s name is accurate so we get it right in the program.
    2. Tell your teacher you would like to participate in the recital. Your teacher will need to submit the title of your piece.
    3. Work with your teacher to choose the best piece for you.
    4. If you are a vocalist, stop by the front desk to schedule your rehearsal with the accompanist. Unless you are singing acapella (without music), you will need to schedule an appointment.   (Please see “A Note to Vocal Students“)
    5. Review the Music Recital Information below to be sure you are in the loop.
    6. Practice to be sure you present your best performance!

Music Recital Information for Parents & Students

  • Admission is by a nonperishable food donation for the Farmington Food Pantry.
  • The recital is at the Amistad Hall/ Porter Memorial at First Church of Christ Congregational, not at the Farmington Valley Dance and Music.
  • Please enter through the main entrance of the church offices, not directly into Amistad Hall.
  • The recital should be about an hour, maybe a bit longer depending upon participation.
  • Performers may sit with their family.
  • We will call each performer’s name when it is their turn to come up to perform. If your name is tricky to pronounce, please see us before the recital to let us know how to correctly say your name. We will do our best! 🙂
  • Students should bow after their performance and then take their seat once again.
  • Please do not leave after your child has performed. The students at the end of the recital deserve an audience as much as the students at the beginning of the recital.
  • Please keep conversations to a minimum during the performance and keep young children quiet so the performer is not distracted.
  • If you have an instrument that needs to be tuned (i.e. violin, guitar etc.) please make arrangements with your teacher to meet at the space 10 minutes early.
  • Students are not required to memorize music. If they have committed it to memory, we still strongly encourage them to bring their music in case they have any difficulties while performing.
  • Students should mark their music with a post-it note flag or a paperclip so they don’t have take time to find the page in the book at the recital.
  • Dress for the recital should be nice, but does not have to be formal. Please do not dress in immodest or sloppy clothing. The appearance of the performer always is an important part of the performance.
  • Voice students should be aware that we do not use microphones at the recital, so please project.
  • If you have any questions, please ask the front desk.
  • Have fun! We look forward to seeing you perform!

A Note to Vocal Students

If you are playing an instrument or singing at the upcoming recital and need an accompanist, please sign up as soon as possible. Normally for a rehearsal and the event an accompanist would charge at least $90.  The rate our accompanist charges is $35.  This includes a 15-minute rehearsal here at the school as well as the accompaniment the day of the recital. Rehearsals will be held on Friday, May 19.

To sign-up for a rehearsal you must:

  1. Stop by the front desk to schedule your 15-minute rehearsal.
  2. Bring copy of the sheet music for the piece you will be performing when you book your appointment.
  3. Bring the $30 accompaniment fee in cash or a check made directly to Megan Drevits.

REMINDER: We will not reserve a time for you without both the fee and your music. The fee must be paid in cash or a check made directly to Megan Drevits. Please call the front desk for rehearsal time availability.