Over the past 10 years, I have grown up dancing at Farmington Valley Dance and Music. Here, not only did I develop a love for dancing but also a love for FVDM’s tight-knit community. The teaching staff is comprised of the warmest and most devoted individuals. Each of them are committed to molding their students into the best dancers they can be. The deep personal relationships I developed with both my teachers and fellow dancers at Farmington Valley Dance and Music is something I know I would have never found at any other studio. Not only did the experience provide me with an excellent dance education, but it also provided benefits much beyond that; thousands of memories and unforgettable friendships.

Samantha Garger

Just a quick thank you for another fantastic year at FVDM! The recital was fantastic – a year of persistence definitely paid off and our extended family really enjoyed the show.

I was so impressed with how the girls had grown in their tap dancing. Watching their confident smiles on stage was so rewarding as a parent. Thank you for giving my girls the gift of dance!

Amanda Sirica

What can I say about Farmington Valley Dance & Music other than I am so grateful for the gift you gave my daughter, the love of dance.  Unfortunately our family had to move from the Farmington area.  My daughter, a FVDM dancer for the last 7 years, has been in tears ever since.  Jeff and Lindsey Sepa were so helpful in making referrals to dance studios in our new location which we checked out in earnest.   We found out immediately that there are a handful of dance studios that offer Acrobatics and of course my luck not one studio within a 30 minute drive.  And of course I never realized how lucky we were to have found FVDM until we were forced to find a new studio.

Jeff and Lindsey are impeccable professionals and show their love and dedication to each and every student.  We will miss you very much.

Pamela Mead Urisko

I started dance almost three years ago and I honestly didn’t realize how much I was going to love it. Dance is something I always look forward to and I know the main reason I love it so much is because of the great staff and students. I immediately felt at home when I started dance at FVDM because everyone was so welcoming to me. FVDM is very positive environment and everyone is supportive of each other. Just from the three years I have been at FVDM I have definitely grown as a dancer, I have been able to experience dancing in not only recitals but in Christmas shows and in Disney World. I have recently graduated and the saddest thing about going to college is having to leave FVDM. I am not only going to miss dance but I am going to miss my wonderful friends that I have made over the past few years, FVDM is truly a family <3

Tricia Regius

During the ten years that I danced at Farmington Valley Dance & Music, I gained a significant appreciation for dance which I would not have acquired without the quality instruction I received from the kind, caring, and supportive teachers. I particularly appreciated the equal focus which was given to each student, made possible by the small class sizes. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Farmington Valley Dance & Music, as it is a truly valuable studio.

Kelsey Brown

FVDM has been part of my life for the past nine years, and during this time, both the staff and other dancers have become my dance family. Even though I graduated this year, my time with them is not over. I plan to come back, whether it is participating in a class, or helping backstage during performances. FVDM will not, and has not left my heart because it has become a part of who I am. The teachers have always been there for me and were always willing to help me reach my fullest potential. This exceptional instruction has led to countless professionally made performances that showcase each dancer’s talents and skills. FVDM has allowed me to grow as a dancer, but also as a person, and for that, I can’t thank them enough. FVDM ♥ forever.

Kelly McLane

My daughter, who is 16 years old has been a student at the Farmington Valley Dance and Music since she was 4 years old. The highly trained teachers at the studio teach and focus on technique as well as instill a appreciation of dance. The children not only love them, but love the studio……where they become part of a dance family. FVDM is not one of those studios where your child spends every class preparing for the recital and learning nothing else. They teach dance, not a recital dance! Year after year, the recital is professional, costumes and music are age appropriate and well presented, …my family always looks forward to it!

My daughter loves the studio, the teachers and has a very high commitment level. She would never think about leaving FVDM! I would highly recommend that you consider FVDM when looking for a dance studio for your child….you will be pleased and they will love it!

Debra Parenti

I wanted to drop you a line on how very impressed I was as to the amazing dance recital. It truly was spectacular! I am so appreciative of all of your hard work towards theses students – the caliber of dance was evident. So very happy that Lily has found joy and interest in dance. Wish I signed her up years ago.

Laura Mastrobattista

Hi Lindsey!! I just wanted to tell you and Jeff what an awesome job you both are doing with the performance and the dance studio in general! Every year I am more and more impressed with the quality of the show and organization you both manage to achieve. Dancing does not come easy to every child and you manage to teach the unteachable. Hats off to you two! You and Jeff are creating memories for my daughter and I am so thankful. Every Thursday when Emily comes home from the studio she has such excitement in her voice telling me about the new things she learned. Thank you so much for making this experience memorable for her! I can’t wait to see the show in its entirety tomorrow and what next year will bring!

Jessica Rogers

FVDM has been so much more than just a dance school for my daughter. Over the years she has learned about integrity, professionalism, and creativity. Jeff and Lindsey Sepa show great patience and understanding of young people. They place great value on excellent performance through practice and hard work, but know when to bend. We have been fortunate to have these fine people as role models for our daughter…..in so much more than the performing arts….in life!

Carlene Bartolotta

(...and I mean it!)

My son, Tate, and my daughter, Bessie, have taken dance with Jeff and Lindsey and the other teachers at FVDM since 1998. Tate also took drums at FVDM with Tim for 6 years and learned so much!

Bessie tapped for 12 years until she went off to college. She thought of that hour every week as something different from her regular schedule: working on her steps, being with the other students, the fun of challenging choreography, the excitement of recitals. Bessie enjoyed it all immensely, especially getting to know Lindsey and Jeff.

Tate started as a 3 year old in Acro, added Tap the next year, then switched Acro for Jazz for the last 4 or 5 years, keeping Tap of course! He loves to Tap! Without dance and Jeff and Lindsey, Tate would have been a different child. FVDM gave Tate an outlet for his energy that was creative and collaborative; he grew comfortable and confident on stage over the years. Tate used all those skills in the theater and music programs at high school and in his academic endeavors. Tate could not have asked for better role models in the teachers at FVDM: hard-working, patient, challenging, artistic – they knew when to push Tate into further opportunities. Tate also enjoyed working as an assistant to the Tap teachers, which gave him other ways to grow.

My husband, Jeff, and I are going to miss greatly the Sepas, the recitals, and watching our kids learn dance and have fun. Bessie is almost finished with college. Tate is starting this fall – 2013 – and going into film production, a multi-faceted and creative field that he would not have had the skills or aspirations for without this dance school!

Debbie Steinberg

Where to start with FVDM?! It has become our home away from home during the school year- and we are welcomed each and everyday with a smile. We are heading into our 3rd year of classes ( second year of Company) and couldn’t be more excited! This studio fits our family perfectly; from the quality of teachers/instructors, to the creative (age appropriate) choreography-we are thrilled to continue our dance journey here! The level of dance that is taught at FVDM is spectacular, and it is more than evident that the growth of your child is their number one goal. The payoff for students and families alike is the June recital, which is flawlessly executed. From the Saturday dress rehearsal to the very last bow- Jeff and Lindsey Sepa are a well oiled dance machine!  Their consistency and attention to detail is what truly sets FVDM apart from other companies. We look forward to the 2012-2013 dance season, and know that we have another amazing year ahead of us. Thank you for your dedication and love..

Kate Whitlock

I was a student at FVDM back before it was FVDM. I transferred to the school after having “grown up” under another dance teacher. Prior to switching, I had gone through what many young dancers do, a dance education riddled with manipulation, brow beating, and competitiveness. By the time I found my way to the upstairs studio at the Art Guild, dance had become an exercise lacking in joy and creativity. I did not expect to ever get that back. To be honest, my fifteen-year-old self didn’t even realize I had any more to learn. Perhaps that was because I had not been learning in the last few years at my previous school. My teachers at what is now FVDM reminded me that I was wrong. My classes were low on pressure and high on positive feedback that built my esteem instead of breaking it down. The dances I learned for recital were intense with technique, while sparking that sense of fun and playfulness that makes dancers love what they do. Although I only spent a couple of years here, I remember them with the most fondness out of my entire dance education. I would highly recommend this experience and if I lived closer, I would send my own daughter here in a heartbeat.

Erica Featherstone McMillian

When I first signed up for dance classes 16 years ago, I never knew it would change my life so significantly. The staff at Farmington Valley Dance and Music provides a positive, motivating, and supportive learning environment with a family atmosphere. Because of this it has helped myself along with many others develop self confidence, find their passion, and grow individually. Even after graduation, I still consider this studio my home, and take every opportunity I can to go back!

Danielle Dressler

I have been going to FVDM for 11 years now. The teachers and staff really care about each child and make us feel special. The teachers constantly encourage us to do our best, but at the same time they bring a lot of fun and excitement to dance. Instead of just focusing on the recital dances, they teach us what we need to know in order to grow as a dancer. Everyone at FVDM becomes a part of the dance family. Every dancer respects and helps one another. The studio has become like a second home to me and I love going to all  my classes each and every week!

Brienna Parenti

My daughter attended FVDM owned by Jeff and Lindsey Sepa for years. I was always so impressed by the level of professionalism as well as the quality of instruction. We had gone to other dance studios and were not so impressed. My daughter loves to dance and dances to this day every week. She is now 26.

As I looked to find a studio that would meet her needs there were a few pieces that were very important to me. Certainly the quality of the instruction, but also the age appropriate material that the students were exposed to. Some studios had dancers moving to music that was TOTALLY inappropriate. I loved the thought process and the coupling that Lindsey and Jeff did , not only for the music but for the costumes that were worn by the students. Everything was tastefully executed. Their ability to put on a great performance at the end of the year was not only amazing but very efficient. I had the opportunity to work behind the scenes as a parent. I was always impressed with how well mapped out each performance was and how they handled behind the stage issues. All the children had a great time. There was never any pressure to perform if they felt uncomfortable. As soon as they knew that… somehow they would miraculously want to be a part of their dance group.
I find the level of organization, quality of instruction as well as performances the very best I could give my child. Her memory is the same. As I said ,she still dances thanks to Lindsey and Jeff for making her dance experience a fabulous one!!

My sincerest thanks to Lindsey and Jeff. May you continue to help dancers love their experience and meet their full potential!!

Linda Gelineau

I am approaching my 12th year at Farmington Valley Dance & Music and I only have great things to say. Over the years I have accumulated friendships and close relationships with both the staff members and other dancers that I will never forget. At FVDM, they are all about convenience and  professionalism. Members of the staff are always professional and kind to the students and provide the best quality instruction for all ages.  Whenever need a new pair of tights or a leotard, I can always stop at the boutique by the front desk to grab what I need for class, saving the extra trip to a dance store. At the end of the year, it is great to celebrate the dance year with a recital that is well organized and virtually stress free (from a dancer’s point of view at least 🙂 )! For the recital, every dancer is provided with free tights, their costume in a garment bag, and music available for download for practice purposes at no extra cost, which help to present a professional performance under 90 minutes! Even more, after the recital each family is provided with a video of the performance to look back on for years to come! I love everyone and everything at FVDM, and couldn’t picture myself anywhere else!!

Taylor Gouveia

I danced at Farmington Valley Dance and Music for eleven years. I quite literally grew up there, and I am a better person for it. I developed a strong work ethic there and met a group of people that became like a second family to me. I have especially come to appreciate the high level of professionalism in the classes and recitals since going on to college and encountering dancers from other studios who did not have the same experience. There was a remarkable balance of discipline along with compassion and understanding from all of the dance teachers I had. I would strongly recommend this studio to anyone looking for a superior dance education.

Julie Mathieu

I was a student of Jeff and Lindsey’s for over ten years, I learned so much from them and I really developed as a dancer. They keep their studio extremely organized and professional. In addition, they believe in all their students and put forth their best effort to help everyone reach their individual potential. I am so grateful for having such a positive experience.

Morgan Berger

This dance studio has been a part of my dancing career for over ten years. The staff here are incredibly caring and work hard to develop successful dancers. Farmington Valley Dance and Music is a place where I can have some fun but also learn new skills. I love this studio and the people involved. This place will always be special to me.

Haley Campbell

Farmington Valley Dance and Music became a sort of second home to me over the nine years I danced there. I began as a shy fourth grader, encouraged my mom and my big sister to take acrobatics. That first class sparked in me a desire to improve and to be the best dancer I could be. With the ever-present encouragement of my instructors, Jeff and Lindsey Sepa, I advanced to the higher-level dance classes where, several times a week, I met with many of the same people. In this group of friendly faces, we learned to trust, to help, and to push one another. Jeff and Lindsey created an atmosphere of mutual trust at the studio where students could mess up without fear of being laughed at, where constructive criticism could be taken and respected for its purpose of making students better dancers. It was at Farmington Valley, among my fellow dancers, my instructors, and my friends, that I found my confidence and the shy nine-year-old who was pushed to try acro became a dancer not afraid to take the stage alone. I have taken away so much from my time at Farmington Valley and I would not trade those days for anything.

Corin Seguljic

FVDM was a second home for me for seven great years. Being both a dancer and a teaching assistant at the studio allowed me to learn and share in a comfortable, professional, and organized environment.  I cannot stress enough to parents how important it is to provide their children with an enriching experience in the arts, and FVDM is the place to go.  The teachers and staff go above and beyond to instill improvement and creativity in each and every student.  Since the studio is not involved in competitions, all students are able to learn and be challenged at their own pace without any pressure.  This also allows for an increased amount of individual attention, in addition to a polished and enjoyable recital to end each year.  FVDM is a special kind of opportunity for any student because it is a school that excels in every possible way.  Enrolling in classes at the studio was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I implore other families to join this fantastic ensemble where great people congregate to immerse themselves in artistic expression.

Mikala Francini

I’ve seen Farmington Valley Dance and Music grow a tremendous amount from when it first opened in Farmington. Jeff and Lindsey Sepa are always finding ways to improve the studio to offer the best services. They take a personal  interest in every student and make dance a deeply enjoyable experience.  My mom was unable to find an activity I would commit to until she signed me up at Farmington Valley Dance and Music! It was the perfect balance of challenge and fun! At age 25, I still look back and remember fondly my dancing days!

Amanda Carlozzi

My daughter has been dancing at Farmington Valley Dance & Music for four years and loves every minute of being there.  Jeff and Lindsey Sepa have created a fun and caring atmosphere to learn and grow as a dancer.  Everything from registration to the recital is run in a smooth, efficient way. The growth I have seen in my daughter’s dancing is direct result of the teachers’ knowledge, organization, and caring attitude.

Kimberly Ferreira

I spent 12 years with Jeff and Lindsey Sepa and they are the source of some of my favorite memories of growing up. We were taught to work hard but my memories are also filled with a lot of laughter and fun. We were taught to respect our bodies and treat them well and were never asked to mold ourselves into something we were not. Whenever family members of mine would attend a performance they were always stunned at how efficiently the studio was run and the high standards we were taught to achieve. Years later when I see them again it feels as if nothing has changed and I can still rely upon them as much as I ever did.

Katy Donald

Dance is so much fun at Farmington Valley Dance & Music! The teachers are always friendly and never yell. I miss it when I’m not there and can’t wait to get back.

Olivia Marin

At age 3 my daughter was welcomed into the Farmington Valley Dance and Music studio by a very kind and gentle staff. The teachers made her feel so comfortable that even at that young age she never had a problem leaving me and going into class. Six years later the studio has become a second home /family for her. FVDM provides a safe and caring environment that nurtures my child’s dance ability as well as her self esteem and confidence in a positive manner. I feel secure sending my child there each year knowing that she will always be encouraged to do her best and not put down when she makes mistakes. My family and friends that attend the year end performance are always amazed at the quality of the recital. Each dance, costume and song choice is always age appropriate and the choreography showcases the best of each dancer’s ability. It is not just a recital it is a highly entertaining production!

Erin Marin