Music Lessons – All Ages, All Levels

Why Choose Us?

  1. Teachers – Our kind teachers love to teach kids and have a college music degree (or equivalent professional experience).
  2. Facility – Our large music studios are equipped with REAL pianos.
  3. Customer Service – Desk staff is available before and during class times to provide assistance.
  4. We Teach Multiple Instruments Under One Roof –  Choose from Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Voice/ Singing Lessons, & Drums.
  5. You Choose the Style To Learn – Instruction in pop, jazz & classical.
  6. Performance Opportunities – Optional recitals.
  7. We Save You Time –  Multiple programs in one location so you can enroll siblings in different programs at the same time.


  • Clean, comfortable waiting rooms.
  • Water cooler with chilled, filtered water.
  • Fully Stocked Music Studios – Our music rooms have everything you need for a successful lesson with guitar amps, pianos, drum kits etc.
  • Large music rooms with large viewing windows.


Private Music Lesson Tuition:

Music lessons are ongoing and meet year-round. Start lessons when you want and end lessons when you want.

  • Tuition – $172 per month
  • All fees must be paid by automatic transactions. Ongoing fees are charged automatically to a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.
  • Tuition fees subject to change.

Registration requires a $40 yearly membership fee per student. View our policies here.

Please call us at 860-269-4237 to schedule a trial.